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WINTEL GLOBAL is a specialist Customer Interaction Process Management company based in Delhi, India. We are focused on providing high quality voice and non-voice process outsourcing services with contact centres across India, WINTEL GLOBAL provides multi-lingual 24X7 inbound, outbound & backend support call centre and process management services.

As a Business Process Outsourcing company, WINTEL GLOBAL mainly provides services to multinationals and domestic companies operating in India.

At WINTEL GLOBAL, it is about delivering superior value to our customers coupled with reliability and performance. we are an employee owned and operated company whose team members are committed to deliver results. Our passion and track record has made us one of the most successful entrepreneurial businesses in our sector, with a customer base that includes leaders and the best run businesses in India. Our hands on approach to execution are a quality that our customers appreciate – we have customers who are being served by us since our inception!

Our focus on delivering high quality coupled with excellent client management and customer service has lead to us to have a customer base of the best and largest corporations in India


Apart from our vast experience and strong workforce, some of the other reasons to choose Wintel as your BPO partner include:

Cost Effective Solutions

Servicing a diverse client portfolio, we are competent to create customized, scalable, agile, cost effective solutions.

Business Intelligence

We facilitate benefit realization by providing actionable insights to perceive the requirement and bring efficiency.

Technological Assistance

Championing technological solutions that are inclusive and at par with the global standards to deliver unsurpassed results.

Industry Experience

Being trusted outsourcing partner with top of the order leadership, we align our people, process and technology to your values

Our Services

Contact Centre

Our contact center operations incorporate service best practices and learning’s that are transposed across all processes ensuring consistent service delivery irrespective of the delivery channel and locations.


Have you ever wondered if there is a better way to speed up cash flow and still keep your profit where it belongs? We offer a service that combines the advantages of using your own staff with all the benefits of outsourcing including reduced costs for both labor and operations.


Each and every call made from WINTEL GLOBAL is recorded for quality purpose. With our outstanding customer services and experienced staff, WINTEL GLOBAL turns its every Outbound Telemarketing project into a major success for our clients.

Market Research

WINTEL provides full spectrum market research services, which aims at extracting as much relevant information & thus enable logical decision making. To this end, we collate customer focused, product centric, market specific & competition related data .


Wintel is one of the leading inbound call center service providers in India. We have been catering to an extensive list of global clients for 13 years. We understand that our growth relies on the growth of our clients and as a result.

Backend Support

Clients are always running against the clock to meet numbers, score, customer requirements etc. In such an environment, clients need a capable partner to handle the back-office services while they take care of their front office and core functions.

Our Cilents

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What my customers say about me

The entire team is great at what they do. All your solutions under one roof. It was perfect for my business needs. Will definitely recommend them to everyone.

Max Muster
Max MusterCEO

Discover a company that’s diverse, inclusive, digitally-able, dynamic, poised to take on any and every client need and ready to constantly learn and adapt.


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